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Because we function as a loan matching service and not as a financial lending institution, we do not take part in the decision making process concerning your eligibility for a loan. Performing credit checks is also not a part of our service — we simply match applicants with lenders who can assist them in obtaining the short-term financial help that they need until they receive their next paycheck. We do not endorse any products, services or particular lenders over others and do not act as a representative for any of the lenders in our system.

Filling out our user-friendly loan application is free of charge and will take very little of your time. After your application has been completed, you are matched with lenders from all over the country who can provide you with short term loan offers. Variable fees and rates are provided by different lenders, so it’s important that you thoroughly read the terms and conditions of all loan offers before deciding on the services of a particular lender.

Once you choose a lender, you will be required to provide an electronic signature. An electronic signature will constitute your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the lender and is legally binding. If you disagree with the terms that you are offered by a lender, you are under no legal obligation to accept the loan and are free to cancel the process with no penalty. Our company bears no responsibility for the charges and terms that you incur by agreeing to a lender’s conditions and has no liability for loan agreements that you choose to accept.

Although the majority of our lenders will not perform a credit check before making a loan offer to you, some of them may check with one of the three large credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax. Others may request credit information from alternative sources such as Tele-Track or DP Bureau. Lenders also may obtain your social security number and other information necessary for making loan decisions.

Because some disadvantages exist with short term cash loans, it is important that you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions as outlined by the lender before you make the decision to accept a loan. If you are experiencing chronic economic distress, you should consult with an expert before taking out a shor